Friday, May 18, 2012

Shopping With Your Whole Heart!

I'm so glad to be done with this year and these classes! Although I'm taking classes online over the summer it's nothing compared to classes everyday and the feeling of having so much to do. This summer will be pretty calm, a little work here and there, but a lot of time to start focusing on fundraising for my trip to Uganda. – Don't worry details on that will be coming soon! 

I recently found this new website (through facebook ads of all places) and have fallen in love! It's a site that shows you amazing companies that sell products to make the world a better place. Each company is either a Humanitarian, Eco-Friendly, Ethical or Enhancing the community or are doing all of these things. You will love all the fun things to find on this website and to see the companies that you already love!

I have a list of places that I need to get things from (especially when it comes to getting gifts and Christmas time). Not only do I want to buy stuff from these amazing companies but I'm already looking into trying to work for one of them when I graduate next year.

I hope you enjoy this place as much as I do and that you bookmark it on your computer. . . cause you'll be needing it later I promise you that!


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  1. This post is so good and informative, I think it would feel good to be able to help others only with shopping right? :D