Wangari Maathai

Wangari Maathai was the first woman in Kenya to get a P.H.D. but that's not her most amazing attribute. She is an environmentalist and an entrepreneur and has helped employ the women in her community. Wangarii is all about empowering the women around her, making the earth better, and investing in her community. 

The Wangarii Maathai's of the world are those that work to better their communities and have created their own success. They have the ability to help others grow, while making the world grow as well. And if you're just like Wangarii then you're pretty funny as well!

For the Mangari Maathai's, here is some advice

1. Never give up

You have a lot that you put on your shoulders. You are always trying to find ways to make things better,  whether it's the environment, your community or the world. You find ways of making new things and coming up with creative ideas that have the ability to create real change. You might just be the answer that we've been looking for so don't give up when things get tough because we need you!

2. Creativity is key

The greatest crime against humanity is the loss of creativity. Doing things in a new way thats never been done before is the only way to creating peaceful change. Jesus was the best in finding new and creative ways to changing the status quo, and that was how he really made changes in peoples lives.

3. One at a time

Sometimes when we take on the world it feels impossible, because individually we can't do it. However when you look at it one person at a time focusing on loving the person in front of you, you can do anything. So remember that it's not the number of people that you help but that you are really trying to love those around you. As mother Teresa said "small things with great love". And that's the best advice I've ever recieved.

Continue to follow your dreams and to be creative in all that you do. You are the ones that hold the ideas to a better future and we can't do it without you!