Peppy Miller

Peppy Miller, where do I even begin with my 1920's muse and idol? 
The Artist was an amazing movie (it did win 5 Oscars!) but even more it was an amazing piece of artwork in it's self. I love the 1920's (have you noticed the theme of my blog???) and I feel like this movie was taken right out of the time. 

Peppy Miller knows what she wants in life. She has confidence like nobody's business and is not letting anyone hold her down when it comes to her passion. She goes for it with all she has and is afraid of nothing. This is key when it comes to being an artist. An artist of any kind can not be afraid of their medium because it will always win. But when you take charge and do what you know that you can, you make something so amazing and beautiful! 

So as an artist, whatever kind that you are, take a couple of these things to heart. . .

1. Don't EVER compare yourself to anyone else

The thing is, is that you want to be different. If the world is filled with all the same kind of art then there is no point in having art. Your style and your ability may seem trivial to you but to others you are the most amazing that they've seen. Come up with things that mean something to you and your beauty will shine through!

2. Whether you like it or not means absolutely nothing

This is a hard thing to remember especially when you do like something. But the reality is, is in 10 years when you look back you won't like it because you've grown in that time and you know you can do SO much better now. What does matter is if you learned something from it. Did you grow from this experience, did you discover something new? Thats what an artist does, they discover new things and find new truths.

3. Don't stick to the same old thing

There is no reason to do the same exact thing forever. Work on something and keep working with that style but when you reach a point you have mastered it and you need to learn something new and discover something new or you will become bored and let it all go. Keep yourself in the struggle and when you find that you are no longer struggling and you are bored with what you are doing, you know it's time to find something new!

Be fearless and know that you are extraordinary and make sure to let me see what you come up with along the way!