Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12 Days of Giving Back ~ Day 4-3

I'm sitting here by the fire and Christmas tree, sipping tea and watching the interview with Lady Gaga on the CW. I'm in love with her. I just think that she is so fabulous and bold. Her fashion and music really do cover shock art and I just love how comfortable she is in her own skin no matter what that looks like. To me she is kinda couture. In the fashion world, very high end, over the top outfits are created for the runway. Magazines and popular stores like H&M and Forever21 create toned down versions of these outfits to sell. Lady Gaga is the couture of confidence and of being outside the box, now it is our turn to step outside our comfort zones and to embrace the beauty and the fame that is in us! 

Now that I've gotten that all out, back to the gifts that keep on giving.
Moral Fibers and Radiant Cosmetics are the next two must haves on your Christmas shopping list or just your shopping list in general. 

Moral Fibers are T-shirts that are painted by different artists and are a full print put on each shirt. The idea is to help artists in developing countries to make a wage and to further their artistic endeavors. 15% of the revenue is given to the artist directly while another 10% is given to a charity close to the heart of the artist. All the shirts are high quality and guaranteed to not be made in a sweat-shop, which is always a high priority for me! Radiant Cosmetics could be my new make-up company. 20% of all revenue is used to help stop human trafficking around the world. Giving women a real voice through their make-up. Not only does this mean great things for the world but their make-up looks wonderful and is a reasonable price. (Not much more than Revlon or Maybelline.) It's defiantly the kind of make-up you buy one thing at a time when you can but I'm adding it to my shopping list! 

I hope you check out both of these amazing companies. We all have the potential to make a difference in this world. Lady Gaga uses her fame to encourage people to find their true self, to support gay rights, to be an advocate for AIDs awareness and more. Moral fibers, and Radiant Cosmetics have both found ways to use their passions of beauty, art, fashion and women to make a difference just like all these other companies that give back. Imagination is key in creating a new world and being the change we wish to see in the world. So keep your mind open and your imagination growing.


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