Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's Better Being Single

My goal in writing a blog is to always be as honest as possible and to really share the true things that happen in life in general and in my life. So it's about to get real deep, and I'm not talking about the baby pool! One of the big struggles I have in my life is my singleness. Like all things in life it comes in waves, so there are days where I'm completely content with being single, on my own and independent. But there are days where society's world seeps into mine and messes things all up! 

Our society tells women everyday, that their worth comes from having a man by their side. Women only go to college to find a husband and there must be something wrong with you if you aren't in a relationship. And if I'm going to be perfectly honest, I've never been in a relationship, I've dated some guys but never have been in an actual relationship and at 20 years old that means that there's something wrong with me. 

However, Being single does not define who I am, It leaves me free to be exactly who I am so that I can live each day with bright and bold colors. By being single I can find myself and really figure out not only who I am but what I want to do in this world! I'm able to develop so that I don't have to pretend for someone else but so when a man does come into my life he can know and see the real me!

The other night I was not dealing with being single very well. (Probably because I was watching an over the top girly movie about an unrealistic relationship while i was painting.) Of course as any rational girl would do, I went on pinterest to distract myself and saw a post from my friend Coleen's blog She Has Worth, about the bad views on being single, and it was just what I needed to hear. 

She mentioned the idea of God preparing the heart of the man that will be in your life or that he is currently doing work in Africa (we can only hope!)

There is little reality TV that I watch but I do love the show Guliana and Bill on Style. Guliana is a girl after my own heart. She married at 30 (to a great guy, if I do say so!) and worked on the career that she wanted. She has pursued her dreams and created a life for herself. She's a real girl with a real story and even a real fairy tale ending. Her and her husband have the most functional relationship of all the reality stars and are just such down to earth and fun people (with some really great clothes!) But what I love about Guliana and her story is that she didn't sit and wait for a man, she didn't listen to society when they told her that her worth came from being in a relationship.

Guliana went after her dreams and along the way a man entered that dream and became a part of it. She was the woman that she needed and wanted to become and developed in a way that ended up being perfect for the man of her dreams. 

"For a whole to be a whole, the 2 halves must be whole" - Unknown

So continue on being you and working on fulfilling your dreams. Search for your heart and not for the heart of another. Because as you look for yours, and when you find your heart, his heart will be waiting there soon after. Before someone else can really know you, you have to know yourself.

Welcome to your journey. . .


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  1. Katie,

    This is fabulous & on point.