About Me

Hey! This is me, Katie Leigh . . . 

Why did you start this blog?
Starting this blog was really quite a random thing, I just kinda wanted to make a place where I could record all my art and all the projects I've been working on and it's grown to add social activism, stories and really has become of place for women to see how absolutely wonderful they are! My dream in life is to work with women in developing countries and really just to encourage women all over in knowing that they were fearfully and wonderfully made. And I feel like Born to Dazzle is a great place to start and to tell of my journey along the way.

What are a few of your favorite things?
I have a mix of interests to say the least! Fashion, art, activism, crafting just the usual things you would put together. I'm a closet Vampire Diaries fan (did I just let that out?) and love reading non-fiction books on social justice, God and art. Also, I have an obsession with the 1920's, my goal is to transcend time. – Which my mother tells me a very good at haha

Why didn't you limit your blog to just one topic?
The main reason was at first I just couldn't decide what I liked the most. With everything I do in my life and all the things I love how am I suppose to just choose 1? I figured out that my love for fashion didn't go against my love for God or activism. I think it's important to redefine everything that society tells us because our own definitions are so much better!

What's next for you?
I'm finishing college in Colorado as a painting major and then I would like to move to San Diego and work for a company that does things for others! And from there I want to travel as much as possible to developing countries to learn from the women of the world. If I could continue to blog or even write for a paper or magazine that would be so amazing. But really I'm taking it one step at a time waiting for the Lord to tell me where to take my next step!

So what are all these photos of?
 Some of the images are of my artwork others are friends and family. I have a couple pictures from the fashion line I started when I was in high school and ran for 4 years.  I'm interviewing Sheryl WuDunn in one (she's one of my biggest heroes) along with images of me and Jolly Okot and Jedidiah Jenkins who are two of my other heroes, who work at Invisible Children. These are just a couple of my favorite experiences that I did because I was willing to take a chance and in these instances they really worked out!

What are some last things you would like to say?
I believe in a world of global citizens, where the labels the world places on us mean nothing and that borders can no longer limit us but only the size of our hearts can. Any dream that you have is not only beautiful but completely possible and I truly believe that. As Audrey Hepburn said "There is no such thing as impossible, the very word say I'm Possible!" So dream big and follow your dreams because theres no other reason to live if your not passionate about it. And as always, if you can, make sure to help others along the way, that's where true happiness occurs! – and don't forget to tell me all about it as it happens!