Audrey Hepburn

Ahhh, Audrey! A fashion icon that will never be forgot. What I love most about her is that even with her fame and beauty she was an advocate for love and treating others with the utmost kindness! She has many quotes about loving others and helping others and was even one of the firsts to be a part of UNICEF. 

Fashion has always been a love of mine and even though I've been confused by the love of opposites from it, fashion has always been a part of my soul. It's all about creation, and about stepping outside of the ordinary. I've always struggled with how I could love fashion and pursue activism because of my faith. What I've come to realize is that as long as God comes first, your love and passion for anything and everything can fit within your life. For me finding ways to make fashion affordable and better for the world (Thrifts stores!!!) has helped in revealing that fashion can be just as positive as it can be negative. 

For me Fashion is all about creating things out of nothing, but even more importantly its about making women feel amazing about themselves and teaching women to love themselves. I think that has become my main reason for loving fashion more than ever. Every woman should feel like a celebrity in whatever they are wearing! My motto is - Confidence is Beauty. 

A couple fun things to remember about fashion

1. Have fun!

Fashion should never be taken to seriously. It's meant to be colorful and fun. Putting fun things together that might not go together but in your mind they do and that's what matters! Fashion was not meant to be boring or safe, fashion is all about the unexpected and putting something together that nobody else would have thought of.

2. Thrift stores are the best inspiration

I love finding cute clothes online and then remaking them from thrift store finds. Not only that but you will find things there you never thought imaginable and for such great prices. And finally you are recycling, what more could you want??

3. Patterns go with Patterns

Growing up I was always taught that you put a plain with a pattern but when I was allowed to dress myself it was all about mixing a flower pattern with a flower pattern or some other kind of pattern. And to this day I love putting things that don't go together, together. It truly makes some of the best outfits you can imagine, you just have to be bold. 

So go out there and be the fashionista that you were born to be, and show me those outfits you make along the way! Confidence is beautiful and so are you!