Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Again!

Halloween was only a week ago and yet I know that my roommates are upset that it's come and gone and while I'm not the biggest halloween guru I still get inspired from it. So just because you can't walk around dressed like a witch or the spice girls doesn't mean that your halloween spirit has to go away. Here are three outfits inspired by costumes from some of my favorite stores!

Amelia Earhart
This inspired look all comes from ModCloth, a store all about the classic looks of our time. Amelia was an all American girl and a bad ass woman! Her style was very down to earth and masculine (especially for her day and age). Known for her love for flying she was seen often in a leather flight jacket along with a scarf. All of these pieces emphasize her natural color pallet and her simplicity. A locket to remember loved ones, all earth tones, flat shoes for comfort, a scarf to blow in the wind and some well fitted trousers to pull it together. And you can always add some aviators. 

A disney favorite and an inspiration from the Native American style. Currently my favorite in style right now, is the Native influenced pieces. Like Amelia these are all very down to earth put usually speak straight from nature. Turquoise and feathers are the biggest resemblance from the Natives but everyone can knows where that geometric pattern comes from. Usually in soft earth tones with splashes of clay red and turquoise these outfits are my favorite. However just for the few of us who like to liven things up sometimes, I added a bright Native inspired dress that would look great with a pair of leggings some boots or moccasins and even a long sleeve T-shirt underneath for when it gets colder. This inspired look all comes from one of my favorite stores Forever21 

The new Pirate's movie just came out and we are all in love with Penelope Cruz in her Jack Sparrow female version look. I love layering and lots of accessories and when trying to resemble a pirate that is the perfect thing to do. Some old time inspired shoes, shorts and details on this blouse really make a modern day pirate, and these accessories are awesome to add to the bunch, I defiantly want one of each! And all this look can be found on Ruche

I love that no matter what season there are always great ways to put together some fabulous outfits!

Happy Hunting


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