Sunday, February 26, 2012


I've been told over and over again that I like "to put too much on my plate".  This phrase always brings up the image of a really small plate and all the fixing of Thanksgiving dinner spilling over the edges onto the floor, where my dog is then licking it up, thrilled that I have too much going on! I suppose this imagery isn't quite right in regards to the dog – maybe it's the people who are so happy that they don't have my plate, but I think my dog would rather have my plate than the spilt food on the ground. . . Anyways, my biggest problem is that I not only have 106 things that I want to do in my life but then I have all those side things that also bring me joy. For example I want to find a job that I can work with women, drool over fashion, paint and write. So far this blog is the only way of combining all the things, but I don't quite make enough to go completely blogger. Aside from all those loves I have a job that actually pays the bills, friends who are always doing things that are just way to much fun and of course I'm finishing my college degree, and whenever I can find room between the "mash potatoes" and "stuffing" there are always those boys – enough drama there to fill an entire plate by itself!
To add to this short to do list I also want to look at journalism for something to do while I'm traveling, blogging for a fashion magazine –who wouldn't love that?!?! Doing wedding photography, working on my painting, spending time with God, Activism and learning to cook –cereal only counts for so many meals. 

I'm learning that I need to simplify my life, choose what I love most focus on one of my 106 dreams or create a new dream that uses as much of my loves as possible and get organized. So I've started working on new ideas, researching careers, and really trying to tone down all of the things I want to do. 

You can see from my work place that I'm getting things done!
I'm working on eating better and drinking less Dr. Pepper – some days are better than others! So Tea seems to be my new obsession! I have notebooks galor with random notes about everything and anything in them along with books on activism, women, God, and art that I can't ever get enough of. Jasmine Star is one of my hero's so reading her magazine about photography has been absolutely wonderful and I've learned so much! Of course with all research you need an assistant. Meet Delilah, my MacBook Pro :)

I'm getting more organized and realizing that I love beauty and making women feel beautiful. Focusing on the beauty of the world through photography, painting, writing or activism seems to be the common thread here, so I'm starting there. As for the rest I still have no idea how to condense all of these things into a more reasonable portioned Thanksgiving Dinner.

I'm hoping that something will come to me soon! Any ideas for me?!?!


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