Friday, January 27, 2012

Katie Bugs

One of the things I'm NOT known for is my cooking. Sadly I'm not the best cook. It's not that I don't know how to cook (as long as there's a recipe in front of me) it's mostly that I'm lazy. Cereal, toast, bagels really any breakfast food I'm pretty good at. When you get any fancier than that, I usually would prefer not to have to make it. There is one recipe however, I am known for, and that is my very special Katie bugs. I started making these in middle school after a friend of mine sent me the recipe. Growing up my mom and dad always called me Katie Bug and I associated that with Ladybugs. And so a collection of Ladybug stuffed animals, frames, cards and even appetizers started.

For Finals last semester my metal-smithing class all brought in food for us to share on our last critique. I had the bright idea to make what I brought in – I, however, was the only one to make their snack– and so I shared with the class my Katie Bugs!

All you need is Crackers, Veggie spread, grape tomatoes, olives and black gel food coloring. (You can also fold a chive in half and stick it in the olive for the antennas but they fall out a lot so I don't always use them.) Cut the grade tomatoes into fourths and use 2/4's on each cracker. Since I'm a poor college student I used a cookie tray with scrap-book paper to decorate it and make it look cute. (It just so happens to be a floral/leaf pattern) What's amazing about these little critters is they actually taste amazing!!!! I love these guys. So next time you need an appetizer just remember these Katie Bug's cause they are quite the hit!


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