Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Do I act what I believe?

I don't know if you've seen this video before, but it is going crazy on facebook and I think every Christian I know is talking about it. It's a really great video. I would say that I agree with 96% of what he says and that seems to be the general consensus around Christians. REALLY? Is this video not about how Christians see themselves as the chosen ones and the ones who have "life", that Christians are hypocrites and don't love their neighbor and don't actually do what Jesus set out to do and yet ALL of them agree with this video?

This got me thinking. I look at a lot of the Christians I know and can tell you right now that I've felt persecuted by them and not good enough and like I'm doing it all wrong. I first hand have witnessed them doing what this guy claims to be the problems with religion and they supposedly agree. Now I'm not trying to point out how wrong they are and how bad of people they are for agreeing with this and not following it. That is NOT what I'm saying. However, this got me thinking, am I following what I agree with. Do I practice what I preach?

The number one thing I believe is that God is the center of all things. Second to that I believe that God is love and to God like we have to love those around us. So I believe in love. I know that I have done wrong, even this morning I proved to be imperfect, but my new goal is to really love those around me even when I think it will kill me. And I hope to be the woman that I want to be and to actually follow in the footsteps of my words. 

A little bit deeper of a post than usual, but I like to keep you thinking ;)


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