Thursday, April 12, 2012

Letting Go of the Bad Energy

Sorry I haven't posted in over a week. School and work and life has just been going crazy I haven't had any time to just sit and write. A couple weeks ago I had a doctors appointment to see why I'm having a hard time with my digestive system still (10 years this has been going on) and then in the last few years I've been having problems with blacking out and then in January I finally passed out. So after a bunch of tests and doctors appointments I found out . . . NOTHING! I hate that! I just wanted some answers so that I could solve the problem. In wanting to go to Africa, I've been really trying to get healthy and put myself together. So, my mom's friend who I like to call our "Spiritual Wellness Guru" told me to see this special Chiropractor. She focuses on people with anxiety problems and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). By realigning my skeletal structure and asking my body about the bad energy it's been holding in for years I've slowly been getting a lot better!

Something really interesting I learned was that when something happens in your life your brain reacts to it in 3 ways. You have a visual memory, emotional memory and a physical memory. Therapists work on the first 2 issues but rarely is the 3rd matter taken care of. To deal with this you have to release that built up energy by shaking. When people talk about being so angry they were shaking, they had actually reached the climax of their anger and the shaking was bringing them down to a normal energy level. This is also why you shake after a major adrenaline rush. By doing some basic yoga moves and allowing your body to shake when it starts to (you know that feeling when you work out) just let it shake. 

I've been doing this about 3 times a week and my life is changing. I'm having less nightmares at night and I sleep better. When I'm awake I feel energized and ready to move. My next step to getting healthy is letting go of my sugar addiction and paying more attention to God by being present and being thankful. I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

AND, this is super belated but, my girlfriend, Anna, just got me the photos from our Oscars party night! I had promised everyone that when I dressed up for the night I would dress up as Peppy Miller from The Artist, which ended up being a great idea because they won almost every award!

You can see that we don't take the Oscars lightly around here! We all dress up to the max and drink champaign while we watch! 

I was voted best outfit of the night since I went full fledged Peppy Miller with the fur coat, 40's hat, vintage purse and pin-up curls. In the bottom left photo you can see Will with the bow tie, he was the host for the night, what a stunning guy he is! -And ladies he's single ;)

Since we're on the topic of the Oscars I might as well share some thoughts on the red carpet looks since that is the best part!

I separated the night into the colors that were the hits and the best of the dresses for each color!
White/ Pastels were a big hit for the evening and boy did these women look Good! Jessica may have won for best dressed for me. I loved her dress and the details in the gold embroidery! and George and his  date Stacy. . . Hot stuff! Enough said.

I loved Gwyenth's coat that sat over her shoulders, Octavia looked like a goddess with this perfect fitted sequin gown, Louise was a reporter for the night but I just couldn't get over her dress. The draping done in this dress is spectacular and I thought the soft pink was perfect on her skin. And "The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo" looked fierce in her white mermaid gown, low cut in the front but well structured around the bust! You go girls!

I'm a huge fan of Emma Stone and I just thought she was to die for in this stunning red gown. With pulled back neat hair and a bow neck line, she was very classic. And a lot of times red heads going red don't look good but I think with her hair pulled back she really rocked this look!

Angelina I love you girl, but the wide angles of this dress and your skinny figure made you look WAY too skinny. And there is just too much slit for anyone to handle. The dress is beautiful but girl, it just wasn't for you.

Hope you all are staying healthy and loving life and get the chance to wear your red carpet looks even when it's not the Oscars, we can all use a dress up girls night every now and then!
Much Love


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