Sunday, December 18, 2011

12 Days of Giving Back ~ Day 8/7

What a week it has been. Finally classes are over for the semester and I couldn't be more happy about it! I'm really not the best student if I'm going to be honest, and sometimes I don't really know if school is the place for me. For now though, I don't have any other ideas of what I should be doing so this is where I am. I did apply for that job this week and sadly didn't get it. I was so sure I would but apparently God has bigger and better plans for me than even I could have planned for. So I hope that some amazing things happen for me next semester. I've been keeping busy with making Christmas presents, working on commissioned paintings and getting ready to go home for break. I got home last night and plan on being lazy the next few days and then will jump back into my usual go getter self. (Relaxing has never been my strong suit!) 

Since Christmas is getting close I'm going to finish the count down 2 at a time! Today I wanted to share a new company I found along with a company that I've known for a little while. 


The two images on the top are from the company Collaborative World. They are a company that is dedicated to giving and bringing the world closer together. They are a 50/50 brand so that half of everything that enters Collaborative World, will eventually leave as well. Making the world a more beautiful place! They are so amazing with some really sick shirts! (I really want the pirate ship T-shirt!)

Day 7 Brand is Krochet Kids. After three friends went to Africa they knew that they needed to do something more. All knowing how to crochet they decided that they would crochet hats and sell them to raise money for the people they fell in love with. Their mission is to "empower people to rise above poverty". An amazing brand with some amazing merchandise that anyone would love to get for Christmas! 

So if you're still looking for last minute Christmas gifts, this year give the gift of love!



  1. Katie -- I LOVE these! Do you have the blue shirt that has "Love" written on it with Africa as the O? I think I've seen it before. I'd also love the pirate ship shirt! Awesome! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I wish! I'm in need of more Africa T-shirts haha. I think Light Gives Heat has one similar to it. . .

  3. Woah these are awesome! Love the post idea, very creative.