Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12 Days of Giving Back ~ Day 6/5

Happy Hump day! I just finished watching the sweetest holiday movie with my parents call "The Gathering" it's from the 70's (you can tell from the decor) and it's about a father who finds out he has about a month to live and wants to mend all the relationships be destroyed with his wife and kids. It is such a sweet Christmas movie. If you can find it, I recommend that you watch it!

Today I went with my mother to a prayer group that she attends once a week and they had a Christmas Tea  party today, which was so festive and lots of good photos were taken. As soon as I'm finished editing them I will be sure to post them. I tell you, women and their tea parties, they defiantly go all out!

Tomorrow I head to my brother's house to do some video editing for his wife's bridal store that he hired me to do. I get to spend all day with his cute mini poo, Lexi and eat their food while I work on some videos. I'm very excited for a relaxing work day -No stress.

Todays gifts that keep on giving are really fun!

PACT is an underwear brand that uses 0 coal to create it's product. It's a little more expensive because they are so good for the environment. They come in a selection of styles and colors for men and women. You can also get some fun socks or T-shirts too. These would be a fun gift to give since we all usually get underwear for Christmas!

The second brand is called AFRCN APPRL and they are based out of Boulder, CO. A friend of mine actually help start the business and all the shirts are made in Africa, screen printed in Boulder and then the money is sent back to Africa. The guys that started this company are so much fun an have a great eye for design. It doesn't hurt that they love Africa too!

I know the days are winding down (and I seem to continue to run late in posting) but all of these brands aren't just good for Christmas! Birthdays, Holidays or just any day of the week all these companies make great products that always give back!


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