Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wedding Weekend

So this week I'm getting all ready for my older sister's wedding! On June 11,2011 she will be married to her fiance Brian! We've been waiting for this day for a long time now! and in celebrating there soon to be new life they added yet another member to the family. . . meet chewy

The little white fur ball in front is the new boy, chewy and behind him is obi, my sister's other dog! We've been having a lot of fun with these pups this week and when we brought them back to our hometown they both loved playing with my dog mac!

Today was more getting ready for the bachelorette party and wedding showers and then the wedding. I'm working on the cake for the bachelorette party right now along with some other small fun things! I'll make sure to show some of my DIY bachelorette party plans! I've never been so involved in a wedding before and never really realized all the things and details that go into it. It's amazing that some people plan weddings for a living. It would be a lot of fun but defiantly stressful especially with brides who are crazy, which luckily my sister is not!

So today for all the hometown hellos and getting things together I will say I've put together one of my new favorite looks! I'm all about adding country to my look since I was born and raised in Colorado but I am a fan of mixing things up and really creating new looks. Let me know what you think :)

I'm so excited about my hair!!! Last year around this time it was about 3 inches long so this is what I call long hair!!!

The cowboy boots were given to me from a friend, but she got them from a thrift store
The jumper was only $10 at forever 21
The belt actually came with a pair of pants I no longer own haha.
and the necklace was my grandmothers!
My watch (which is a favorite of mine) is a Nixon Vega

If you couldn't tell from the pictures that's the yard I grew up in! The best part of taking these photos was as soon as I sat on the ground all the dogs ran straight to me and didn't want my picture being taken without them. But really what outfit doesn't look great with dog added? haha. I'm defiantly excited to see all that this week holds. I've been meeting new people, coming up with new ideas, reading some here and there and trying to get some good God time in. . . not always my best but I'm working on it!

Hope you are enjoying the beginning to a great and warm summer! Can't wait to see what else will happen this summer 


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