Saturday, June 25, 2011

I am Free

This week I've been getting down with my artist cravings so to speak. I've been sewing, painting and drawing up a storm and loving every minute of it. I started this painting with the idea of hair like ice cream and as I was painting, it started to look like my good friend Teal. So she became my inspiration for this painting. If you knew Teal you would know that she's a free spirit. The kind of girl that doesn't write in the lines, brushes her hair with a fork, is always smiling and who's favorite animal is a fairy! She's wonderful, she understands the meaning of an inner child that sits on the surface.

So Teal, here she is. . . I Am Free 

I loved the idea of whimsical hair with a flower in it. Teal works at a flower shop and always has a flower in her hair, so once again it was fitting!

I decided that the brown background blended to much with her skin so I did a purple was over it. I'm a girl who loves tattoos so I always like to add some to my girls in my paintings!

And here she is, I am Free the final product!

(All my art is available in 8X10 prints for $60)

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