Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer Time and Fanny Packs

Summer is my season! I love everything about it. Sitting on the front porch reading, all the green and plant life that has come out of the most peculiar places, warm sun hitting your face, Barbecues in the backyard, thunderstorms bringing the smell of rain, fresh fruit and even the smell of skunk (I think I'm one of the few who actually like that smell, it reminds me of summers growing up!)  I love it all! And the summer clothes don't hurt either.

I've decided to accept the inner "hipster" in me and I'm now using a fanny pack instead of a purse (you can get one at almost any thrift store if you're looking). So far I love it and I love not carrying all the junk that I usually do. Seriously how often do I use half the stuff that I carry in my suitcase of a purse???

I've been soaking up the summer air as much as I can these past few days and am planning some fun summer adventures to have, since I won't be doing any traveling this summer. . . did I mention that I'm moving to Uganda though??? So I guess I'm okay with no travel plans this summer! There are so many random things to do in Colorado. Some I've never done, others I haven't done since I was really little so I'm going to become the ultimate Colorado tourist! And lucky you, are along for the ride!!!

If you're anything like me you need to listen to music whenever you are doing anything!
Let me help you with some wonderful pandora stations I've found.
1. Katie Herzig
2. Carrie Underwood (Embrace the country girl in you!)
3. The Civil Wars

These are my three favorite stations and I've found so many good artists through these stations. What are you listening to these days?


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