Friday, November 18, 2011

Fabulous Friday's ~ The First of Many

So I've decided to start a theme of Fabulous Fridays so that every Friday I get to post something extra fabulous about fashion, what to wear, what others are wearing, great finds etc. etc. This week I have a pretty spunky outfit to show off.

I've been crazy obsessed with the show "The Rachel Zoe Project" on Bravo. I've pretty much watched all the seasons of this show in one week! (However, there are only like 8 episodes a season, so it's not THAT bad, right?) Anyways, with this new love of mine, I've been hitting up the extra cute outfits again and getting in touch with my inner fashionista and woman! – I feel like I need a girl anthem to play here – So here is my newest look for the lookbook!

I'm looking into getting more watches, because I've started a new love for them.
My shorts are originally Kate's but i got them during our clothes swap and I love them.
I've had this shirt and vest forever and wear the vest all the time but the shirt hardly ever and I've never worn them together. Obviously that's changing.

Okay can we please geek out over these shoes for a moment. So cute! My Oxfords from Forever21 are probably my favorite shoe ever. They are only like 5" heels, so I never wear them but, ugh, I love it when I get to. 

On a final note, I've finally found a hairstyle that I'm loving! It's amazing how much confidence comes out of your hair. I usually have a pixie cut but have been growing my hair out. Over the summer it was just blah so I took the plunge and just chopped of some of the layers and got it shaped out and then last weekend I gave myself bangs for some extra sass and I've been a whole new woman. (Teesing the top of my head in the back too, just for that extra volume!)

I'm getting super excited for Thanksgiving, which is only a week away. But next week I have some serious shopping dates. 99 cent monday at one of the local thrift stores with the girls and then hitting the NEW (and first) H&M in Denver with my sisters and mother. Let's just say, I should have some cute lookbooks to come!

Have a Fabulous Friday!


  1. SO cute. I love those shoes and that top!

    Yay .99 cent Monday! Can't wait!

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  3. Holy cow, woman! Look at you in your hot white shorts and fishnets! And those shoes! Loving this look! ♥