Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Poo Free Update

So a week ago I told you about going shampoo free and using baking soda. I seriously don't think my hair has ever been so clean before in my life! However. . . As much as I love this treatment, it's a once in a blue moon kind of treatment. Like maybe once a week or once a month. My hair did great, held a curl without any hair spray or anything for the entire day. But it completely dried my hair out so that was a bummer

These are some view of my hair holding a curl and being super clean all day long. . . I know great visual aid!

Lastly I found a great and cheap shampoo and conditioner that I'm so in love with! 

This stuff, the Suave Professionals Eco is the best thing ever! I get the one that smells like a spa in your home. I love taking a shower with this stuff cause it smells great, keeps my hair from being too oily or dry and doesn't weigh it down so that curls or teasing don't work!
and it is SO cheap! It's like $2 a bottle. LOVE IT!

Hope you are loving your week and are getting ready for a great Thanksgiving with all your loved ones!

Stay Beautiful


  1. I love suave! I will update my link for your blog ;) love the new look for sure!

  2. Bummer about the baking soda! Have you tried adding just a touch of olive oil to it? When my hair is super dry, I do an olive-oil rinse. It's also good to rub on dry elbows. :)