Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sunflower Boutique

So I'm not sure if you know this, but we call our house the Sunflower house (ironically because all the girls that live here have the same favorite flower). Last weekend I had this fun idea of having a clothing swap at our house. We had a bunch of girls bring over their clothes that they didn't want anymore and we traded. It was like a free shopping spree haha. So a bunch of girls came with desserts in hand and we went to work! Let me just say I will be doing this in the spring as well and probably twice a year until I become a nudist or die. (most likely the second. . . I hope!)

So here is a peak into our new favorite way to shop!

One of my best friends Kate showing off the awesome top that her Mother-in-law gave her with a matching skirt. I mean who wouldn't want a sequin top with built in bra and see through stomach??

Fabulous girls rummaging through tons and tons of clothes, we all walked away with bags of new clothes! My new favorite way to recycle :)

So we discussed brownies at the party and found out this amazing recipe that is so easy you wouldn't believe it. Mix a box of brownie mix with a can of drained puréed black beans and then bake. THAT'S IT! Fiber filled, healthier brownies that you don't have to feel guilty eating!!!

So I found this awesome idea online. Put a flower (or in this case leaves) in a wine glass and then flip it over and put some mini candle on them for a candle holder with a twist and some glam! They were fabulous for our party!!!


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  2. I had so much fun at this! I can't wait for the next one we throw!