Monday, June 18, 2012

Dreams Do Come True

Hey Everyone! So here it is, I'm starting the fundraising for my trip to Africa this fall. I'll be living there  for three months and hopefully coming back as a new person with a better idea of what I want to do once I graduate from College next May.

I've been doing a lot of debating about whether or not to keep this blog since I've started a new one focused on Africa. Keeping up a blog is hard enough and when I'm in Africa this one will be really hard to keep up with since I won't be doing a lot of artsy stuff. At this point I'm thinking about letting it go and sticking with only one blog. If you haven't seen my other blog it's Undercoverpeacemaker

I'll keep some of the same stuff that I have on this blog on that one but also have a high focus on women's issues, religion, social justice and the green movement. The plan is to switch over August first, so get ready for a move!


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