Friday, June 29, 2012

Change in Plans

Hello World!!!!
How is your summer going??? I'm so excited that my summer online classes end next week and I can focus on reading and relaxing and fully enjoying the rest of my summer. I move back home with my family at the end of July before I head out to Africa, which will be great time to spend before I leave especially because I get to watch the Olympics with my family. It's an odd feeling, the idea of moving back home, even if it's for a small amount of time.

Here's the good news, in my last post I talked about ending Born to Dazzle and only having one blog. But due to recent conversations and more thought about who I am and what I want to say to the world I've decided to keep Born to Dazzle as my women empowerment blog as well as Undercover Peacemaker as my activist blog. 

I've been working on looking at my life differently and not trying to make as many plans (key words - as many). My goal in life is to live each day by trying to make it more beautiful than I came into it. It's not always so easy to have the right outlook in life and today I'm really feeling that. I know that I have exciting things in my future, like Africa! but sometimes over this summer I feel like I'm just wasting away doing nothing while everyone else is out having adventures. I see summer as a time of rest but also as a time to explore and see the world in a new light.

 So that's what I'm struggling through right now, making my adventure the adventure of finding and creating beauty everyday that I get to open my eyes! So to start the right mind set I got in a super fierce outfit and did my hair to feel like a rock star.

Dressing yourself up the way that you want to be and showing exactly who you are to the world is a great way to empower your soul and to love yourself!

Always remember, you were Born To Dazzle!


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