Monday, March 19, 2012

Time Magazine

WHOA! These past two weeks have been CRAZY! With the launch of KONY2012 and now 100 million views, I can't believe all that has happened within days, but in a whole other way I can. The movement of Kony 2012 is all about coming together as a whole. No longer caring about someone's religion, ethnicity, or gender. This about a universal love and a universal right. I am so proud to say that I am part of this movement and that our biggest of many dreams has come true. . . 

That's right!!!! Joseph Kony is on the cover of International Time Magazine.
And yet, this is just the beginning! 
With all the craziness that been going on, the critics, the haters and the doubters I just want to tell those who are still standing by us and IC that you are loved, that you are needed and your purpose is so much bigger than you could ever imagine! We chose to dream big and look what happened,

We wanted to tell 500,000 but instead 100 million heard
We started with a mission, we're ending with a revolution
We dreamed of the west knowing and now the world knows
They said it was impossible, but we told them that we love the impossible.

And so the fairy tale continues. . . but this is so much better than a fairy tale, because this is real life, and this is about a global love, a love for justice, a love for life, a love for each other! KONY2012 -TIME MAGAZINE INTERNATIONAL ISSUE!

Tomorrow in the Colorado State University News Paper – The Rocky Mountain Collegian – I was asked to write an editorial on the KONY 2012 events and I'm so excited to see the response. Good or bad, a discussion will begin and this is something that everyone should be talking about!

I have lots more fun things to post this week so stay tuned– Kony 2012 and other topics of course! I don't want to overwhelm you all at once so I thought I would do a day by day kind of excitement. So make sure to check back in!!!


  1. wowww katieee i reallyy like your blog, i love your style ^^ it's just different and unique !! and yes, we MUST stop kony! thanks for sharing this post to the world! hehehe .come visit my blog and i think we should follow each other!

    1. Thanks so much Winda! Just started following your blog! So glad that you like my style :) I'm all about showing women how to be different! Can't wait to read more of your blog!!! Happy Blogging!