Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Revolution Begins

Where do I even begin with what has been going on this week? I can honestly say that for the first time in my life, reality is SO much better than my dreams. I have been blessed to be a part of a movement that started years ago and is now making the biggest social impact through social media EVER! A goal of 500,000 views by the end of the year was thrown to the wind when we hit 8 million on the first day and today (Day 3) we are OVER 50 MILLION VIEWS! I love it when we underestimate the power and voice that we have in such a beautiful way that the lord throws it back at you times 100 (so far).

I just need to say THANK YOU! 50 Million people who have watched. The Millions that have responded, The thousands that continue to spread the word, The hundreds who are asking questions and educating themselves, and the 1 (YOU) who is making a difference and proving to the world that we seek Justice, real and true JUSTICE, which occurs only through peace, and love and by a community! Our world is transforming and only within 3 days!

Now I just wanted to tell you a few things that I've been feeling these couple a days!
First I'm excited like I've never been before. I've had goosebumps almost all the time and have been tearing up regularly when people tell me they finally understand what I've been doing and that they want to be a part of this. Or when other activist friends ask for my opinion or expertise, I feel honored! It's been a week filled with emotion, passion and excitement. –My friend Tim even told me I need to do this kind of stuff with my life because when I talk about Invisible Children and KONY2012, I light up and catch on fire! –

Here's where it's been hard. Humility. I struggle with being set back into the crowd and be thrown into the "in" thing. I'm so happy that the world is hearing about this and that Joseph Kony will be arrested and served justice, but sometimes I want the credit of all the hard work I've been doing these past years and let it be known that I'm not just on the bandwagon but that this is my life. I told my friend this and she asked me what I thought humility was. It took me a minute but I said that it meant "realizing that It's not all about you" which is what our society tells us. I want the fame, the credit and the attention, but I have to remember this is SO much bigger and this is so much more important than me. So it's a constant struggle but I'm praying for humility and praying that I can just be so excited about the history that is being made!

Being an activist is a struggle. It's hard not to make it about you and to go against everything that society tells you. Currently all the "haters" of the KONY2012 campaign don't understand that a company can help others without expecting anything in return. What people don't understand is that when you give something, you have less. But when you give love you have more. And that is what we (activists, Invisible Children and now The world) have learned. Giving love does give you something in return, LOVE!

At the end of the day loving yourself, your life and most importantly loving others is what's important!
AND for those of you who haven't seen the film, I got your back. . . 


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