Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes, Into Reality

This evening I had an "A-Ha" moment when I realized I'm the woman I always hoped I would be when I grew up! Story: I helped put on a showing of Blood Diamond tonight at Colorado State University to get people interested and talking about child soldiers and prepare the for the roadies coming in next week (YAY!) Afterwards one of the girls came up and wanted to know all about how to get involved with Invisible Children and be apart of the revolution that has begun. After a nice long talk she thanked me for all that I do and said she would see me next week for the screening. I remember being in her shoes just years ago! SO COOL, it's such a nice feeling, feeling like you are right where you're suppose to be.

Life just continues to get better and better.
And for my next piece of excitement. . . a new look!

My Grandpa turned 90 a couple weeks ago and so the family got together to celebrate his big day! We all drove to Denver to meet at my grandparent's home and have dinner. My cousins, Aunt and Uncle were there along with my immediate family. My Grandma always loves the outfits I put together –– especially my vintage/feminine inspired looks. So I made sure to put together a very special look just for her.

The jacket was a Christmas gift from my sister and brother-in-law from American Eagle. The headband was a D.I.Y project. The skirt is an old find from Forever 21 and the shoes came from a cute boutique in the mountains that sadly is no longer there.

Hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather that seems to be spreading and leading to summer, soak it up! 


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