Tuesday, January 3, 2012


This week is all about getting some last minute things done before I have to return to reality and go back home. Spending all this time at my parents house has been so nice that I'm a little sad to leave, but also ready for the next semester to start and to get busy with my new year and new ideas!

A few weeks before Christmas break my friend Renee had a small house party where we got to hear all about this fun jewelry line that was Christian based, affordable and good quality. The best part of the whole thing was really getting to hang out with a bunch of amazing girls and play dress up. Renee went all out and made some amazing appetizers and really put this whole thing together to make it a great day for all the girls.

I loved some of the ideas we got after looking at this jewelry show. Like taking a long strand of pearls and folding it in half and using a ribbon to hold around you neck or to crochet the strand of beads and add a ribbon or broach to hold the end of the crochet so that you get really cool knotted pearl necklace.

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