Monday, May 2, 2011

Charmingly Beautiful

This week has been quite the week. Lots of work, lots of school and counting the minutes till summer fun. But every moment is worth it and I'm having a ton of fun in this thing we call life! On Saturday I got to go to Charming Charlie with some friends from YoungLife and the YL Capernum kids (kids with specials needs.) Man oh man can those girls shop! My girl Karla loved her rings and I think filled a basket with like 30. (Sorry to the person who had to put those back!) The other girls just had a blast trying on clothes and looking fierce! So much fun. Here are some of the photos I took from all the fun. . . 

I love this photo cause the lighting is just so good and you can see me taking the picture in those super cute glasses! Love it haha

These girls sure do know how to shop at Charming Charlie (CC)

And to finish off with some matching outfits!

So while I got to be these girls personal stylist and help them shop till they drop I was also rocking my own new look as well.  I had spent all day making this headband and wanted an outfit that would help bring attention to that while still looking cute and girly and just fun! I'm starting to get braver with my clothes and continue to evolve with my style which is something I'm really loving. There is just always so many things you can do with clothes, which is one of the many reasons I love getting to be a fashionista!

I found these awesome shoes at a consignment store in Fort Collins, CO called Repeat Boutique. I love this place! There are always really cool things and these shoes were like $15!!!! What a steel! and whats even better is they are actually comfortable. I mean I won't be going to Disney Land in them anytime soon but still great!

This is the headband I spent like 3 hours making. I got the inspiration from one of my favorite artists/ fashion bloggers Kelli Murray-Larson. This is now one of my favorite accessories! I'm very proud of it. 

You can't quite see it in this photo but the pink and gold ring I got from CC and it's a cameo ring and is just so me. I'm lovin the vintage look these days.

Defiantly a fun day at CC with some amazing girls. I'm continuing to learn each day how special and amazing women are. Our society continues to tell us that we are not good enough but believe me, Women are pretty damn amazing! Love you all. . . tell me what you're loving these days and where you're finding beauty



  1. Such cute stuff! We need to make a trip here! I have been wanting to go so bad!

    I am so excited for 99 cent Monday FYI ;)

  2. We can totally add it to the list for monday! It's cheap shopping and I haven't been since I quit there which was at the beg. of the summer. So Done. 99 cent Monday and CC!