Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Unexpected Adventure

This past weekend was Easter weekend, so a friend from college (kat!) decided to come home with me for the holiday and on our way to my home town we made a few detours and found some really cool places to take pictures! Let me just tell you it was a high of 40 degrees and we were freezing but these pictures were totally worth it!

Isn't Kat so beautiful??? I love her! She is really learning to model and got some amazing shots out of these places. And these photos she took are some of her firsts. (At least on an SLR camera, Love them Kat) Not to mention she is a dare devil! She was jumping rock to rock just to get great photos and few times she almost fell in haha. (But don't worry I would have gotten a shot of the mishap!) 

Something I've really been learning this week is that its the journey of our life that is the purpose. Yeah we could become the next Oprah or save the world. But at the end of the day its everything you got to do to get to that point. So we've (Kat and I) decided that any chance we get to pull over and have an adventure we aren't going to hesitate! (Even if that means cold wind and cold water!) Life really is the adventure, because none of us get out alive!

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