Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Fabulous Life

So at my new job we are required to only wear black clothes and then wear whatever accessories we want, of any color. (and yes leggings do count! Thank God!) So this was an outfit I put together the other day and loved it! I just felt super cute in it and it's amazing how when you feel good and think you're as fabulous as you are that your confidence shoots up and no one can knock you down! Which I've really been needing lately. . .

So the majority of this outfit comes from Charming Charlie (My new favorite store ever! talk about heaven) The belt was like $15 and same with the scarf and the leggings. Which by the way is the softest thing ever! I love, love, love wearing flowers in my hair! It's like my number one accessory.
Finally my big ring and my bracelets (and if you can see my little owl earrings, another thing to add to my love list... those owls get my every time. I'm so indie haha) are all from Forever21.
It's really amazing how in the end, accessories make the outfit.

Yesterday this lady came into my store and asked if she was too old for a certain piece. I looked at her and was like "Honey, fabulous doesn't have an age." Ha Ha. It was totally one of those things that just came out of no where but really it was true. 

We so easily put limits to ourselves because of what others tell us. We should be more like this or less like this and we do whatever we can to fit into these ideas that other have for us. What's up with that? I totally do that same thing, but fabulous isn't prejudice so why do we act like it is, and keep ourselves from being as wonderful as we could be? We need to remember that we are the ones who control our futures! I'm so tired of being told who I should be, when I know who I am and I love ME! 

So your challenge for this week is to hear your own voice and not the voice of others telling you what to do or who to be. And remember just like that lady in the store, you are fabulous and there are not limits to fabulous, so don't let there be any limits in your life!

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