Saturday, May 14, 2011

Light Gives Heat ~ And Hope

I have a dream. Like many others I have great ambitions for my life. One of which was to be an elephant when I was 4. However, things have changed a bit since then -although, I do love those elephants!- Recently I've been looking (okay more like drooling) over the website Light Gives Heat. Talk about an amazing company. They are all about looking good, keeping it artsy and most importantly they're changing the world. More specifically they are about changing Uganda. After the husband and wife founders, adopted their daughter from Uganda the Super Duo are now out to change the lives of all the children in Uganda. 

This amazing company is based out of Colorado (yep! thats right my home) which means my dream is closer than I thought. One of my biggest dreams is to work for a company that has a mission to change lives and make the world better while still being an artsy business and allows me to creative. Light Gives Heat not only has it's only clothing line, but also has a bag line and jewelry line (both of which are made by women in Uganda!) I also love that they work with some of my favorite artists from Jedidiah Clothing. I can't wait till I get a little more cash in my wallet to buy one of their bags! So great, so colorful and SO perfect for summer!

This is one of the most fashionable companies I've seen in a LONG time! Check it out and put your own look together. . . 

Have you fallen in love yet like I have???

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