Sunday, May 22, 2011


Toms Toms Toms! My favorite shoes in the world are Tom shoes! Tom shoes is a company that is all about one for one. For every pair of shoes you buy Toms will give a pair to a child in need somewhere in the world. What is better than that? Fashion with a cause is what I live for. Not only is Toms a shoe company but starting in June they will be a one for one company. No one knows what this means for Toms , only that they are starting the next chapter in their company and going bigger than shoes. I personally can't wait to see what they are up to.

Right now I currently own 2 pairs of Toms. The "love is the new black" classic style and a pair of classics that I painted myself. (Above) However there are about 100 more pairs that I want to buy. They only problem is they don't come super cheap. If you get a classic pair they are around $48 but new edition and the seasonal line are usually $60. However you are buying 2 pairs of shoes. 1 for you and 1 for a child in need which is totally worth the extra dough. New designs are always coming out and old designs are always leaving so if there is a pair you can't live without, then you can't wait to get them cause once they're gone, they're gone!

Here are a few of my favorite Toms  <3

Check them out and find your favorite pair!

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