Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Free Fallin" in Love

On Friday I got to go to the Matt Wertz, Jonah Werner and Ben Rector Concert at Everyday Joe's in Fort Collins. It was an amazing experience with some awesome people there. Not to mention the show was just awesome! Jonah Werner is always hilarious to listen to. He has great stories to tell before each song to explain where the song came from. Ben Rector was a new one for me and he was so great to hear. A very edgy more old school voice that was totally original. Finally there was Matt! 
In the middle of Matt's set he stopped everything to talk about the Mocha Club, which is an organization that asks that you give up $7 a month (about 2 cups of coffee). $7 can sustain 1 person living with AIDS, provides 7 people water for 1 year, or saves 1 person from Malaria. It's an amazing organization and even has a group dedicated to helping sex trafficked women in Ethiopia. 

Needless to say Matt is my new best friend, and it made it even better that I got to meet him and talk to him about Africa and all the beauty that is in Africa. 

I took a video of the last song that Matt and Ben did together. . . Free Falling. Got to love the classics

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