Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Loving Love

So I’ve been looking for inspiration this week and trying to figure a little more out about who I am as an artist. I’ve been going through the many art books I own looking at what has been done and trying to find a theme of what I love. The number one thing I’ve learned is that I’m a realist. I love realism however you do it. Personally I love to do surrealism but my interests kind cover everything. I also learned that I love art that is either for a cause or about love. Whether you are sharing your love for another, teaching about love or showing how you could love better, I love love! What a great sentence that is. Its really interesting learning about yourself and what you really like and what moves you. I’m continuing to make artist journals of collages and I have boxes filled with clippings of things I just love and know I’ll want to use someday… whenever that day comes. The last thing I’m starting to see is that, as I look at other people’s art and learn from them I have to not get caught up in wanting to be like them. If all art were the same it would be boring. And after all, I don’t do art for others, I do it for me! and I hope you do too!

Faith 47 is an artist I found in my search of me. This is one bad ass chick!!! She is from South Africa and has a love for doing graffiti. She is super talented and does a lot of art on buildings that will be destroyed. Her favorite part about that is that if you get to see one of her pieces you know that not many have seen it. You were just in the right place at the right time and now you are a part of that small piece of history. Really cool stuff!

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