Saturday, April 2, 2011

Look Book

This week has been super crazy with classes and finding a new home for next year. It's been decided that me a 4 other classy ladies will be living in what is now the YoungLife house. We've already started getting excited about decorating and have been coming up with tons of crafts to do. Don't worry though, as the crafts come I will be sure to post what we come up with and before and after pictures of our rooms. We've got a few months till the move in, but we are all really excited about this!

Now, on to fashion. . . 
It was a beautiful day, and I'm ready for summer! So I wore this new dress I got from Forever21. It's a little bit short so climbing onto my girlfriend's roof was a challenge but I felt like summer wearing this. The other thing I love about this dress is the bright colors and the clean lines. It is tight around the waist and has a great collar cut that really shows off your shoulders and collar bone. On the roof I was barefoot but for the rest of the day I wore flip flops or TOMS. Its a super basic outfit but sometimes those are the best ones!

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