Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Look Book #1

More Fashion Please! I love fashion. Recently I've been realizing that I need to do the things I love to do and be the person that I was created to be. So I'm now starting to embrace my inner fashionista and loving every bit of it! Making clothes again and putting together outfits that few would think of is just my cup of tea. So on my NEW blog I've decided to make my first post, my first look book page as well. I hope you have fun getting to look around cause I have lots of fun doing this.

The red Hoodie is originally from Bonfire but I cut it up and added some girly stuff
My jeans were American Eagle hand-me-downs so I turned them to skinny jeans and bleached them tie-dye style and cut them up. The shoes are actually my Grandmothers! and my favorite part is my necklace. I found the Pendant at a thrift store and have had the rest of the necklace fore awhile. Today it was fairly cold in good Ol' Fort Collins so my look is a little more laid back and warm!

Oh! and if you're wondering who that cute pooch is. . . it's my roommate's dog Hank. (I call him "Hank the Tank"). We are watching him for the week and he just needed some attention too!

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