Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Fabulous Life

This week has been crazy! The semester is ending and finals are here along with projects, job promotions (hopefully!!! Cross your fingers) and to do lists. I'm hoping to get some crafting and art done this weekend along with working on my final projects for classes. I'm also applying for a promotion at work that I could really use and would really love, so we'll see what happens with all of that good stuff.
I'm super excited to share with you this Fabulous Friday's fabulousness!!!! While I was home on break I got to do some shopping at Forever21 (there isn't one anywhere close to where I live) and some good thrifting as well. The outfit that I wore on Thanksgiving is by far my favorite outfit ever!!!

So I went bold and have been trying out the red lipstick look. My Grandmother loved it and so did I ha! I use to think I looked like a fish when I wore it (I don't know why but that's what I saw) but since I'm "growing up" and all, I think it's working for me now. Plus I just feel oh so fabulous in it, which is all that matters right?!

The shirt was a find at a thrift store for only .99¢ and the skirt is from Forever21. I've been wanting one of these skirts since the beginning of Summer but have only started to find them now. And since I'm a poor college student I had to wait till my Forever came out with it so it was only $20!!

(The belt and shoes are stolen from my mother's wardrobe – I have those same shoes in Black and they are both from Target from about a million years ago, but still are great!)

Thanksgiving was so much fun, and this week has been stressful and busy to say the least but I've been getting things done and God continues to throw things my way. I had a friend need a dress altered this week and made a little extra there and possibly have some more photo shoots coming up. I'm working on branding myself right now and figuring out who I want to be as an artist and what not, but that's a lot harder than I thought it would be. With my style being all over the place it's hard to put things down to paper but I'm working on it. I'll be sure to show you anything good I come up with. But for now, Stay Beautiful!



  1. You look marvelous, darling! ;)

  2. Definitely the gorgeous classic look with that lipstick ;) You do look amazing. You should dress like that more often beautiful ;)