Friday, November 25, 2011

Fabulous Friday


I hope that you had a wonderful, warm filled Thanksgiving with all your family and friends.
I had a wonderful time in my hometown with my family and in-laws and all their dogs. We defiantly had lots of turkey, stuffing, bottled cream soda and apple pie. (I just finished a plate of leftovers right now!) So absolutely wonderful. I've been trying to relax as much as I can on this break, but what I'm learning is that I like to stay busy. Too much time on my hands gives me too much time to think about things in the future and things I don't need to think about – Like future careers, money, stresses and classes – but I have started working out of a new design book I love, and had some good times with the family so I'm learning to relax.

This outfit I wore to work and school last week and boy was I a hit! When you wear what you feel, your day is always so much better! I'm learning that just as Lady Gaga said she is her hair, so am I and I am also my clothes. Fashion is another way for me to speak, to tell who I am and show a little bit of the spirit that sits inside of me. And a great outfit always brings confidence, which is what I think true beauty is.

This weekend I'm hoping to learn to crochet and get some other DIY projects done, so I'll be posting those soon! I also have some fun recipes, fashion and more coming your way soon, so stay on the lookout!



  1. Funny you mention crocheting -- I started again this weekend. I can show you how! :)

  2. Great outfit! That purple pattern is lovely :* I also love that Lady Gaga song! So catchy and true.