Monday, September 12, 2011

The Sunflower House

Last month God blessed me with a new home and new roommates! After living here for over a month we are now settled in and loving our place. We are part of the YoungLife district of houses in Fort Collins and therefore always have people at our house, which makes for great community time and sometimes less sleep. But you can feel the presence of God in our home which is all that we asked for.

I thought I'd share some pictures of our "Oh So Cute" decorating in our little indie house. . . The Sunflower House

Enjoy (and feel free to steel these ideas!!!)

All the YL houses have prayer boards so we came up with our own original one!!! This is one of my favorite things in our house!

Jaime Cooking in the Kitchen!

Elle is defiantly the girly girl of the house! I love it!!!!

Our clever roommate Elle got tired of trying to figure out if the dishes were clean or not. . . so we made a system for that!

Our beautiful sister Tristin dropped of some dyed sunflowers as a house warming present! 
They were well loved!

My room was is the basement and took me a month to re-paint EVERYTHING! But I love it!!!!!
Bedroom, studio, prayer room and anything else. 

Home Sweet Home has never been so true!

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